We are a group of organizations and community members in Addison County, Vermont who care passionately about the well-being of our youth and want them to have every possible chance to be successful.


We believe thriving communities and healthy families grow resilient kids.

  • To be strong, children need unconditional love, absolute security, and a deep connection with at least one adult.

  • Nothing we say is as important as what children see us doing on a daily basis.

  • Sometimes the best thing we can do to help children learn is to get out of their way.

  • Children live up or down to adults’ expectations of them.

  • Listening to children attentively is more important that any words we can say.

  • Children can only take positive steps whey have the confidence to do so.  They gain that confidence when they have solid reason to believe that they are competent.

  • If children are to develop the strength to overcome challenges, they need to know that they can control what happens to them.

  • Children with a wide range of positive coping strategies will be prepared to overcome stressors and will be far less likely to try many of the risk behaviors that we fear.